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A vital question. I don't want to hear about your Sisko's or Captain FAITH-OF-THE-HEART Scott Bakula.

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No fence sitting!

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I was going to rank all five, but then realised I don't actually know what I'd do once I got below Sisko > Picard > ???

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Sisko > Picard > Kirk.

There are other captains? I THINK NOT.

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But Sisko spawned his annoying son, and therefore LOSES.

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Son eventually played by Tony Todd in The Visitor episode. Awesome!

Kirk's son:


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Was he in every single episode? No!

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Added Value: gets to die gruesomely, as Vulcan dispassionately explained to High Drama Captain Father. :-)

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I have really got to buy some DS9 DVDs.

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Hopefully, they'll re-release them at a sensible price like they've done with TNG.

Although actually with Trek, I'd like to be able to pick episodes of a list then have them burnt to disc in a custom compilation.

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What about CAPTAIN JACK?

(Conversation with important Literary person at the MJH launch last night went roughly like this. Me: Hello, I'm Graham. Them: Hello, I'm [name withheld.] Me: Nice to meet you. Them: Torchwood's shit, isn't it?)

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Well done, important literary person for cutting to important issue of the day.

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They claimed there was some Cyberwoman/Duff CGI Pterodactyl fight in the last ep. Cannot be true. I mean, RTD usually shows such rigour and care in his use of sf tropes.

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It doesn't do justice to her stupid, stupid hat and the awful direction.

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Also, it may just be me, but that set looks *exactly* like a backdrop in Half-Life. Where's Gordon Freeman when you need him?

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Come back, Ray Harryhausen, all is forgiven!

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Clearly everyone else is a wronghead.

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I shall have to order a girdle and a wig.

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My robot costume did not count as either.

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I wasn't referring to that photo but another one. (As before, I'll let you have the negative for £5m.)

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Negative? Your quaint 19th century ways do amuse us, sir.

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Except me! TNG is incredibly overrated generally I find..

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Voting on hottness alone demands Picard over Kirk. Also, I was very fond on TNG when i was 14, even though watching it now its mostly shit.

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Well, to be fair the original (and indeed all) Trek is mostly shit..

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Almost shocking how consistent the wrongheadedness is. Almost like they were HYPNOTIZED.

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What, nobody likes Janeway? I grant you that Picard kicks her sorry ass into next week, but I thought she was cool - very Katharine Hepburn.

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Janeway was good, she was just in a really bad show.

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Janeway's Hepburn on helium thing grates on me. Her character notes presumably consisted of 'likes coffee'.

FACT - best 'Voyager' episode is the one with the Rupert Everett lookalike, if only because it makes Janeway look like an idiot and then stops JUST BEFORE you gouge your eyes out from her idiocy. Subsequent minutes reveal that Janeway is, in fact, a crafty bugger and intensely psychologically damaged.

(Googling reveals that this is called 'Counterpoint'. I loves it, yes I do, but sadly not enough to overcome the Braga-hating blackness that filled my soul as a result of the ending to 'Year of Hell'. That's when I not only stopped watching regularly, but actually lost all interest. Le sigh.)

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Her character notes presumably consisted of 'likes coffee'.

"likes coffee, bugs ass off Da Vinci which in turn bugs the ass off everyone else ever. Fact."

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Your committment to 'Voyager' is evident - I quit paying attention long before Da Vinci kept popping up on a regular basis. Subsequent dipping of toes revealed a number of episodes with 'HOLOGRAMS HAVE FEELINGS TOO' as the moral. Oh, and 'IT'S A CRIME TO TURN A HOLOGRAM OFF'.

I was pleased to see, however, that despite all the moves into deeply turdtastic 'zomg moral dilemma' storylines, the over-arcing theme of 'Voyager' was still there - yes, Harry Kim was still as useful as a third nipple, though marginally less entertaining.

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Message in a Bottle (the one with the EMH and the EMH Mark 2 on the Prometheus) was the best!

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I do not know this episode. Did it end up with somehow saying that Holograms Are People Too, by any chance?

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*sticks a post-it to you that reads "dork", and pats you on the head*

I do like the description "Hepburn on helium". I don't think I recall the episode in question (heck, who am I kidding; I hardly recall any of the episodes).

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I voted Picard, but to be honest it's very close. I cringe when I hear Patrick Stewart's voice advertising Domestos. HE'S KILLING MY CHILDHOOD.

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And all known germs!

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Interestingly, I feel no such horror when Shatner and Nimoy sell me ;-)

Picard normally, but...

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Normally I'd vote for Picard, but I feel like Kirk deserves a renaissance. The Shat is so OTT, there is just something lovely camp about Kirk, it's a shame not to give that character extra consideration. After all, Kirk is The Original, the Captain from which all other Captains sprang forth. There simply wouldn't be a Picard without Kirk, we'd have a mere talented RSC actor instead...not the talented bookend to Shat's overdrama.


Also, others have dared mention Captain Jack - but honestly, for all his seductiveness, one has to recognize that his merely distilling the essence of Captain Kirk and all his randy femme-chasing-across-the-universe. ;-)

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Kirk. Oh, definitely. Did Picard get his own roast on Comedy Central? I THINK NOT.

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See, this is why I voted Picard! He's classy! And sexy! And... Shatner is, of course, camp, but Picard is just Awasome!

I dearly love Janeway though. Because she likes coffee. (I kid.)

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Martin, Chance, Sus, Zac and Mr Milburn are ded to me.

That is all.

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Who'd've thunk it would be Star Trek that finally did it, eh?

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So much wrongheadedness in the comments. What's wrong with those six people? I thought that Dan Milburn, in particular, had more sense.

*is disillusioned*