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This is a side order for places three to five.

[Poll #864570]

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Hang on! This doesn't add up; who has put Captain FAITH OF THE HEART in both second and third places?

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Abigail has ruined the poll. BURN HER IN EFFIGY!

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I originally put Sisko as 1st, 2nd, 3rd but then recanted because it would break the poll, and possibly the fabric of spacetime.

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Sisko would leave a baseball in your office to let you know that He's Coming To Kick Your Ass. He wouldn't care if you're an extradimensional god-like entity, he'll still happily punch you in the face. He doesn't care if you're more mature and reserved than Kirk, he's still going to hate you for killing his wife. And to finish off, he'd get you murdered and frame someone else for it, just to piss your species off enough to goad them into an intergalactic war. And what's more, his mom is bigger than your mom.

Clearly, he beats everyone into last place.

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And he's also the reincarnation of Jack Bauer?
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Or vice-versa
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Clearly, he beats everyone into last place.


Bald, goatee-wearing Sisko could also kick Early Sisko's arse.

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Hey, it's not my fault if somebody thinks that Dr. Sam Beckett and Captain Jonathan Archer are the same person. They are not.

Besides, everybody else was doing it.

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I endorse this comment and/or sentiment.

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We're agreeing with each other again.

Something must be done.

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It's alright; I'm sure something will come along soon to restore the natural order. Has the film of The Prestige been released over there yet? [g]

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Interesting to see such little Janeway love. For my part, I found her voice grating, and I still couldn't shake her from my memory of her in Throw Momma Off the Train.

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She was a crap character! The End.

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Well, I'd be slightly more generous by saying her character was a good premise entirely unfulfilled.

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You know, putting the names "Sisko" and "Archer" in such close proximity is really unfair. Then again, given the choice between, say, "Danny Tanner" and "Archer" we still know what any sane person's choice would be.

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i cannot vote for the shit two so have just made one choice.

that being said, i'd put him above the james t
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You seem to be under the illusion that any Star Trek is not actually shit...

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Much like you with a certain other SF franchise then? :)