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I have resurrected this journal as I work up to the strangely daunting task that is deleting my livejournal account. I fell out of the habit of blogging, as I somehow grew more averse to sharing personal things, but looking back I'm glad at some of the words that are still here. So I don't want to not have a journal in place for those moments when I feel inclined.

As things have moved on plenty since livejournal days, I don't have the same group of people here but if you stumble upon me then do add and/or say hello :)
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I know we sometimes talk on twitter, but I have for some reason always missed using LJ and kpop has sort of made me start using it again. A lot more, actually! I am having a hard time letting LJ go, even though I've been crossposting from DW to LJ for probably a year or more. :-/
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hello! :))